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Feature info widget shows not what it should.

11-10-2020 02:50 AM
by Anonymous User
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I build the app showing the Interventions on Polish rivers. It is embeded here: Mapa Interwencji - Strażnicy rzek WWF 

There are to main funcionalities:

i) by clicking the name of intervention, the map is moving to exact intervension. This works good.

ii) by clicking the photo of intervension, it shows the tabel of content. This doesn'work properly, becouse it shows not the right intervension, but just the first one from the tabel or the last one which was shown.

Have no idea how to fix it. 

I will be grateful for help.


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Esri Contributor

Hi @Anonymous User ,

Thanks for bring that. It seems you used the shared template- Place Explorer to create this application. 
The image and text at the top are not part of Feature Info widget actually, so the navigation won't work. They are separate image, text and button widgets actually. They are set as dynamic content, when navigating to a different feature, they display the selected one. But the image and text themselves can not be used as feature navigation. 


So those widgets are all within a single view, but it is not a entire FeatureInfo. 



by Anonymous User
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Hi Wei,

yeah, you are right - it was made based on template. But still. is there a way to fix it?


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by Anonymous User
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So Wei, there is no way to fix it to work as i would like it to work? Still, I'm rather satisfied what I've done with this app, but this one thing ruined all my satisfaction. 

pls give my some advice.


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