Export to CSV or Copy to Clipboard option without Table Widget? Or Formatting Data-Driven Text Advice

03-09-2023 02:12 PM
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I'm re-creating an app that allows our citizens to easily query addresses in our city. I'm using Experience Builder since I really enjoy the data-driven widget options. One of the main issues however, is that users cannot easily copy and paste values or export the data without a Table widget. 

Here's the original:



Here's my Experience Builder example:



Previously, users could easily copy and paste relevant info and paste it into whatever other platform they need. I haven't figured out an easy way to utilize data driven text while maintaining a clean format. Some addresses are longer than others so formatting the text fields to accommodate this has been difficult. My solution was to use 1 text object for each value such that the Field Name and value are always paired and spaced properly. I suppose there is some complex expression that could be used to do this but I'm unsure of how to proceed. 

Right now I've temporarily added a Table widget and scaled it down such that only the export option is visible. Not ideal.

Any recommendations on formating text in a data drive text widget or ideas to submit a copy to clipboard request would be appreciated! 


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I think I'll need to uncouple the field header from it's value. I was hoping to keep the count of distinct text objects to a minimum but I'll probably end up with about 60. 

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@ArvadaColorado Have you tried configuring a custom popup in Map Viewer and consuming that popup in ExB with Feature Info widget? I think in that way, first, you can customize the data format, and second, by using the feature info widget to display the search result, you can have the "Export" data action by default. 

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You should be able to copy text from data driven text widget... or from a table, popup etc. 

Note: If you are editing the ExB, and using the 'Live View' it will appear that you CANNOT copy the text, but once you actually publish and are viewing the real-deal, you can copy.