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02-12-2020 08:35 AM
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I have not possibility to modify my experience.
When I click on "Save" , the message "Saving Error" appears (see Attachment).
When I click on "Publish", the message "Publishing error" appears. (see Attachment)
When you click on an experience's element, in the "Content" tab, "Loading" appears but nothing is loaded. (see Attachment)
I created this experience locally with Developer Edition.
I tried to copy the "config.json" file from the experience to another PC (with ArcGIS Experience Developer Edition), but the problem is the same.

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Hi Matthias,

Are you still have issues editing your experience? I remember that week as there was an update to the Google Chrome browser that affected our self signed certificate included with Experience Builder. Please let us know if you still need help. The latest developer edition has instructions on how to use the localhost instead of your machine name that solves this issue.



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Hi David

It's OK for me.

I no longer have this problem.
My experience is working properly.

Thank you

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Thanks @DavidMartinez .  This helped me (not using Developer Edition - just OOTB).  It was as simple as clicking the Update button in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser.  The browser refreshed and the Save button now works.  It also saved me a call to tech support!

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