Experience Builder URL parameter range

08-12-2021 04:49 AM
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I have embedded an operational dashboard into my Experience Builder app, and have used a URL parameter to filter the dashboard charts, i.e.:

- User selects a polygon on the ExB map

- The polygon ID is used in the dashboard URL parameters to filter down the dashboard charts to just show the results for that polygon.


This works well. However I would like users to be able to select multiple polygons on the map, then the dashboard charts to summarise based on all of the selected polygons. This does not work automatically - the dashboard will still only show the summarised charts based on one of the selected polygons. I know that URL parameters technically can accept a range, and I have tested this for the dashboard by itself, by typing in two polygon IDs to the end of the dashboard URL:


This works fine, so it's something to do with how the embed code in ExB itself works. Am I doing something wrong, or is this not possible in ExB?

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