Experience builder trigger+action: Losing the sync of two web scenes

01-19-2023 05:25 AM
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I am using Experience builder to compare the same area in two 3D scenes, with the aim of comparing new and old situation. To do this I am using "extent changes" triggers and "zoom to" actions on both map widgets, as described here. But after panning and zooming in and out a bit the two scenes are no longer synchronised, both the zoom level and angle is different.

The two web scenes are identical, the only difference is the symbology of the buildings. They have the exact same starting point when it comes to extent. I have tried adding "pan to" actions on the triggers, but this does not help.

Is there a way to keep the two scenes synced the whole time? Meaning that it is seen from the same angle and zoom level.

Any tips on comparing two 3D scenes is appreciated, I've tried Storymap and WAB but their swipe functions do not support 3D scenes.


After panning and zooming 3-4 times the scenes are no longer synced.

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Hi, I add both Pan to and Zoom to actions, and it works well. Are there any further related details?



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