Experience Builder side panel placement - possible bug in scrollable template

01-07-2021 12:34 PM
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I am trying to add a side panel to my scrollable Experience Builder in a way that overlays a map to maximize map real estate on the page once users have selected filters within that side panel. I'm finding that I'm only able to have the side panel overlay the map if I either pin the side panel (not ideal as it remains in place as you scroll down the page), or if I embed both the side panel and the map into a fixed panel. The kicker with that latter solution is that it disables expected map behavior, making clicking, scrolling, and dragging around the map inconsistent and not responsive most of the time.

It seems that some of this problem is a product of having a scrollable template, as our organization has a simpler, fullscreen Experience Builder app that features side panel over a map without issues.

Have others run into this problem and have a solution?

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I think I have experienced what you are talking about. Basically, once the side panel is collapsed, the map is unresponsive in any area that the side panel obscures when it is expanded. This is particularly detrimental when it comes to mobile devices, since the screen real estate is a big deal. My side panel takes up 75% of the screen, but once it is collapsed you can still only navigate when you touch the 25% of the map that was never obscured by the panel. I have to be missing something, right? This can't possibly be the normal expected behavior.

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I realized that if you embed the map in the upper part of the side panel (within the side panel area, but at the opposite side of the panel area that will contain the collapsible part) it's not perfect, but better. Not obvious behavior though!

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