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07-20-2020 10:23 AM
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Hello Cartographers,


I have a question regarding the quality of the scene viewer in Experience Builder. When building the same web application once with Web AppBuilder and once with Experience Builder (latest versions), the rendering quality of the scene viewer in the Experience Builder seems to be a lot worse than in the WAB application although they have the same base condition (using Chrome, latest version).


For example, the standard satellite basemap is blurry or the mountains are flattened and the opposite of crisp. Maybe it`s a browser setting or some other small modification, but I don`t know how to fix that.


Would really appreciate some help, because I`d love to start building 3D apps with ExB.


Have a nice day,


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I have noticed this as well. Would love to see this get addressed.

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Hi Kevin,

By default, we set the qualityProfile string to low, which is why you're seeing the difference between ExB and WAB. I am going to add an issue for us to look into how we can provide a setting that allows you the ability to select the qualityProfile between low, medium, or high. Here is some information on that setting SceneView | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.16. Curious, are you using online or dev edition?



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Hi David,

thanks for the reply, it's already a valuable insight into the topic! I'm using dev edition, because it was also one guess of mine but it's the same result in both versions.

Especially in the Alpine or generally in mountainous regions, this setting makes a huge difference in visual quality and overall appearance of the application. It would be really cool if there was a setting for it, i'll be waiting...

Thanks again and have a good day!



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