Experience Builder - Query Widget Buffer Spatial Filter Not Working

10-04-2022 06:30 AM
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When creating a buffer spatial filter using the query widget in Experience Builder the filter layer always comes back with '0 Records are selected for this filter'. 

I am trying to build a query where users can filter to show polygons with x km of a line layer, although I have tried using different layers types such as point to polygon or point to point and nothing seems to work? 

Is this a bug?

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I want to believe it is indeed a bug. I had similar issue and I couldn't find a work around not answer from anyone. I ended up using the web appbuilder which worked just fine. You might want to try that

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I'm trying to get a better understanding how the spatial filter works and having a hard time.  I was also perplexed by the '0 Records are selected for this filter'.    I got it to work by selecting from the map several of the features from the "Choose a Filter Layer".  For this to work, I had to turn on the ability to select features in the map widget. 

I would like the user not to have to select any of the features.  That is, all features from the Filter layer feature are selected.  Wouldn't that make sense?  Can it be done?

I have a hard time understanding what these widgets do from just reading the documentation.  I have to play around with them to get a better understanding. It would be helpful if there were videos on each widget.  There are certainly a lot of videos on ExB.  It would be great if there were indices in these videos to get to the portions I'm interested in.  Or provide separate short videos to go over each of these widgets.  Especially the more complex ones.  Or provide links to ExB examples where the widget is configured in all its glory.  

That said, the query widget spatial filter is a great tool and just what I need for the user to do their own analysis.  I just need to figure it out and configure it appropriately.  Thanks.  


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Could you provide more detailed information e.g. steps, screenshots so we can further investigate on it?

Sample data or app would be better. Thank you!

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