Experience Builder not sharing in distributed collaboration from Portal to AGOL

01-08-2023 01:04 PM
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We have an Experience Builder app made in our Portal 10.9.1 system which we are trying to share through our distributed collaboration to AGOL.

We have shared all the related maps, layers, and even tested other web apps and they are syncing properly however the one Experience Builder is not. The ExB is shared the same as all the other content in our distributed collaboration, we have tried making it public too to see if it will go through that way.

The documentation says web apps can be shared from ArcGIS Enterprise to AGOL, however does this only cover web apps made in web app builder?

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Hi Hayley,

The enterprise documentation indicates the 10.9.1 configurable web app templates and Web AppBuilder, as well as group-based web applications, can be shared to ArcGIS Online through distributed collaboration.


There is no mention of Experience Builder being supported. It's unusual that this is not directly addressed in the FAQ but I guess they may consider it as such if it's not listed there.

I believe other users have had success using the ArcGIS Assistant to copy the Experience Builder or Operations Dashboard apps across: