Experience Builder needs geospatial export options

01-31-2024 05:41 AM
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The Experience Builder widgets don't have any valid geospatial export options. They need to be able to export to a geopackage, fgdb, shp or sqlite. The only geospatial option is geojson. Unfortunately, even this has major issues. The geojson produced upon export is not consumable in Pro or Desktop. Even the JSON to Features tool fails to convert it. It errors out first with an invalid Output XY domain setting (even though none was ever set). Then having set the output XY domain to WGS values,  it errors out saying the geojson format can't be parsed because it doesn't conform to ESRI-JSON standards. Ironically, I can just drag and drop the geojson into QGIS and it works fine. I digress. The main issue is that there needs to be legit geospatial export formats. If I had to pick just one, my vote would be for geopackages. When can we expect some real export options? Is it in the development plan?

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