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12-10-2021 04:37 PM
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I am working in Experience Builder through ArcGIS Online and have found what I think to be a bug. 

I have a map widget and a series of associated widgets (text, image, etc.) that populate based on a point feature selection. Those are all set up using dynamic expressions and work well. I also have a polygon layer that I need to use to populate those same associated widgets if a general area is selected by the user instead of a specific point.

I've done this by creating matching records in the point feature that correspond to the polygon attributes - yes, it's clunky but there are only 5 records that are completely static. Then, in ExB, I've added an Action to the map. The trigger is "Record selection changes", the action target is "Framework", and the action is "Select data records." My trigger data is the polygon layer and the action data is the point layer. The trigger field is the name match in the polygon data and the action field is the name match in the point data.

This way, when I click on a polygon in the map, ExB finds the matching point record and displays its attributes in the associated text and image widgets. Four out of my 5 polygons work great, exactly as expected. One fails to find a match.

It seems that the apostrophe in the fifth name is causing the failure. If I remove the apostrophe, that item works fine, and if I add an apostrophe to any of the others they then fail as well.

Note that other special characters seem to work fine - I have an ampersand "&", parentheses "()" and a circumflex x "x̂" that all work as they should through the framework selection. And apostrophes don't seem to be a problem elsewhere in the app (filters, lists, etc.), just here.

Any thoughts?

My workaround ended up being creating a extra field in each dataset whose contents wouldn't be displayed anywhere and using that for the trigger and action fields. In that field, I removed the apostrophe from the name. 

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Hi @RDIApps ,

Thank you for pointing this out. I can reproduce your issue and we'll look into it.



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