Experience Builder Feature Info Widget no background color option

04-27-2022 11:03 AM
New Contributor II

Hi there, is it just me or does Experience Builder Feature Info widget not allow you to change the background color? Every other widget does...

I have one included in my site showing just attachments. It defaults to white. I currently have to design my entire page around that color to match.

I've tried setting my site's theme colors but that does not influence the look either.



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New Contributor III

I can confirm thats true. Seems strange because you can change the Text colour but the background is limited to a specific setting. Also for me it would be interesting where in the app does the "Style" get applied, because this setting is not part of the widget settings. I need to hide my custom widget background when certain data is not in the map extent. 

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Esri Contributor

Super late answer, but from what I see, it is taking the background color from the theme...



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