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Experience Builder Feasibility

09-14-2023 03:06 PM
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I have just a super general question about using Experience Builder.

I have multiple SDE versioned layers containing parcel data and improved areas. I'm looking for a tool/app that can link the SDE layers and make them viewable for our team. Beyond just viewing the SDE layers I am editing on the backend the team needs to be able to create administrative records (customer service records, notes etc.) attached to those parcel records. 

Ideally, I would be able to create widgets for search functions, financial information, exporting reports, statistics, etc. Basically, I need an asset management application for the parcel layer. 

Anyone have any idea if something like this is doable through experience builder before I dive into the details and start trying to implement this solution? 


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Anything is technically possible in Experience Builder, but it's not always easy. You will definitely need the developer edition to do everything you want. If you are going to get into developing with Experience Builder, do some React tutorials first, because React operates very differently than straight Javascript.

Here is my opinion on Experience Builder vs. the Javascript API.

It is easier and quicker to build something simple that is pretty and functional in Experience Builder, but once you hit a limitation of the builder mode, customization is never simple. The API is more generally flexible and easier to customize, but it is hard to make it as pretty.

The important questions to ask before getting into Experience Builder are:

How much do I care about appearance?

How much do I think I will need to customize?

From your description, I think you would be happier using the Javascript API for this project and not having to fight the Experience Builder wrapper. 

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