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12-21-2021 01:21 PM
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Hi Folks - 


I have a some embed widgets (embedding html for infographics from Business Analyst) on an experience I'm working on. I went to update one today and I'm getting an error  "Maximum character limit exceeded" displayed below the code window and the code disappears (and the infographic doesn't display obviously). 

The error is also showing on existing infographics in the experience. Those are still displaying since I haven't touched the code. I can create a copy of an existing embed widget and it the infographic displays fine (but the error shows if you go to the code window). But basically I can't update anything or I lose the ability to have anything displayed. I've been working with these same infographics for a few weeks without any issue.

Anyone have any idea what the issue could be?

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Hi @AbbyThornton,

In recent release we added a limit of 8KB for code embedded in Embed widget. See doc here - Experience Builder > Embed widget.

You can still use the previously added content, but cannot save/update unless the code is changed to smaller than 8KB (fewer than 8192 char).

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