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Experience Builder Downloads Disabled?

10-13-2020 07:20 AM
New Contributor III

Hello ESRI,

I am trying to make an Experience, which includes a Web App that has the attribute table widget enabled in

Web AppBuilder, but it seems that downloads have been disabled? I assume if this is something that has been disabled on the server hosting ArcGIS Experience?

Kind Regards,


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Esri Contributor

Hello Kevin!

Chrome has a plan to remove the capability of removing the ability to download in sandboxed iFrames as a preventative measure against malware (from Chrome: Download in Sandboxed Iframes - Chrome Platform Status).  We have logged a bug on this recently about this capability which is the following:

BUG-000134235: The Select Widget within a Web Appbuilder App embedded in an Experience Builder App would not download CSV, GeoJSON, nor Feature Collection in ArcGIS Online in Chrome and new Edge.

The workaround at this time is to use Firefox or the web application itself at the time.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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