Experience Builder Developer Edition for Enterprise Use

12-20-2021 10:26 AM
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My organization is interested in using Experience Builder Developer Edition across our network.  We typically don't allow our users to install software such as this directly on their machines. I was researching the "widget development" instructions and the requirements to run a client process every time the user wishes to update the widget. It seems like the client process is not setup to run as a service. I'm just trying to wrap my head around some potential 'best practices' for sharing an Experience Builder Developer Edition environment with multiple developers across a network.  Any thoughts on this subject would be helpful.

Areas of concern are as follows:

We can setup a share to the widgets folder and allow users to drop widgets there. But I have the following concerns:  Only a Sys Admin will have the ability to run the Client process. We certainly don't want to have them have to run this process every time the user wishes to update the widget.  Is this functionality expected to change sometime in the future?

With WAB-Dev, when developing a widget, we setup the widget in a separate Web Server, and use a manifest.json file to link the Portal environment to that widget. Will this be done in the future for Exp. Builder widgets too?

Is there ever a plan to have the node.js/server capability be directly started from Experience Builder, just like WAB-Dev handles that?  Our organization doesn't allow us to install Node directly, and the currently configured allowable version is much older then version 12. (trying to wrap my head around whether it might be possible to use a conda environment or something to get a newer Node.js version working??? ie., saw this article from a bunch of years ago: https://kartoza.com/ko/blog/nodeenv-how-to-install-nodejs-in-a-python-virtualenv/)




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