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02-01-2023 09:09 AM
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Hey there, 

I want to add an image as the full page background for my experience (web version). It looks like I can only use a fill color for body contents/background. Seems silly there is no way to make a full page image background. 

If this is not possible, is it possible to have an image as the background to a block, AND* overlay it with a transparent color so that text can be visible? I am able to add an image for blocks, but no other customization options seem available. 

Thanks in advance for any help! 

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That sounds similar to something I wanted to do -- Full screen image with text over top. 

How I did it (which may not be the 'best practices' method) was to use a text widget, make it full screen size, and make the background an image. I adjusted the position of the text with some blank lines. Then used Character Effects to make the white text stand out better against the picture.

Beth Ann
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Hi Beth, 

Thanks for that work around. I am trying something similar with an image card, but hoping that there is a better method! 

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I've done a full page image card with a full page text card on top that had a transparent background color. Then I stacked cards on top of all that with my actual text so that I could ensure the positioning was where I wanted. 



- Jen
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That looks really good! Yeah, so far I am using the image cards with some success, but I wish I could have a set background image with text features scrolling over the image as the user goes down the page (parallax scroll). 

I do appreciate the help! 

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To add a static background image and have scrolling content layout in front of it:


  1. In Experienc Builder, choose "+ Create New" option. 
  2. Select the "Blank scrolling" template.
  3. Select the blank page and turn ON the Header. 
  4. You'll see a few icons in the blank Page, hover over them and select the option to insert a screen group. Choose the Showcase template.
  5. Keep only one Screen from the Screen Group (it will have 3 as a default). 

Helpful links:


Hope that helps!

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Just what I was looking for. I want a fullscreen background image + survey on top, but I want a scrolling page so I can have the footer (but the footer isn't intruding until one scrolls to the bottom).

I need to remind myself that not all of the goodies are sitting in the widget pane (at least, I don't see "screen" there). Thanks!

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