ExB Table Widget Should Honor Webmap Field Config

01-05-2023 09:34 AM
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Hi all!

I know in an update in 2021, the Table Widget in experience builder honored Field aliases set in the parent webmap. Now, I'm looking for that same functionality for the field values themselves for enterprise.

In my webmap, I have already configures each int field to display how I would like (which in my case, means removing the comma). In the popup in ExB, everything is hunky-dory. No commas.


However, in the ExB table widget, it is not. The commas reappear and the webmap config for each field that was set is reverted back to it's original state.


Normally, this wouldn't be an issue because I would go into the widget and reconfig there, but that is not an option in the table widget yet.

Can there be functionality to honor the webmap configs for all fields in the Table Widget please? 



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