EXB Developper : ssl certificate error

02-15-2023 09:31 AM
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i want deploy EXB developper behind Apache 24 httpd with proxy mode.

In my ssl-httpd.conf i set this instruction ;

ProxyPass		/arcgis_exb_dev http://localhost:3000
ProxyPassReverse	/arcgis_exb_dev http://localhost:3000


but in exb i think there is an automatic redirection from 3000 to 3001 port,

and if i use https://localhost:3001 autosigned cert generate an ssl error certificate,

it's not very clear for me.

Can'i desactivate the ssl redirection for exb for using an http like in my apache24 conf ?

is there another way ?

thanks for your help


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Hi, I'm running into the same issue and wondering if you found a solution? Thanks

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