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Error in Experience Builder on AGOL - this.getLayerDataSource(...).getCurrentQueryParams is not a function

09-27-2023 01:45 PM
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I am having the following error come up when I open my experience builder project in AGOL.  This project was functioning well and there have been no changes for over a month.  Then it is suddenly returning the following error: this.getLayerDataSource(...).getCurrentQueryParams is not a function. 

When I view the experience builder project it looks fine initially but as soon as I click anywhere on it errors shows up.  Specifically the list view of the attachments will then display with an error and when I click on the table widget an error displays.  If I go into edit mode and try to make any changes the error takes up the project and I can not do anything.  


Any ideas?  Thanks, 

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Most likely there is an issue with the featureLayer you are trying to query. Make sure it is available and functioning properly.

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Hi did you have any luck resolving this? I am having similar issues. 

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