Edit widget suddenly empty

08-24-2023 03:41 PM
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Hi, without any recent changes, the edit widget is not displaying anything at all, its completely blank.

I've been testing 2 editable layers for over a week now which were working fine. I've also been testing editing via Field Maps. Can anyone think of a reason this might happen?

I've removed and reinstalled the edit widget with no change, and checked the layers are editable on the settings tab of the layer. And ensured the layers are tuned on in EB so they are visible.



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This is an old post, but I had a similar experience recently so I thought I'd share what the cause was in case someone else might find it useful.

In our case, the reason the Edit widget was blank turned out to be that the user type had been changed for the person who was seeing the blank edit widget. They were in the right group, the layer was enabled for editing and shared with the right group, but this particular user was a Viewer. Once I changed him to a Creator with a Data Editor role, he was able to use the Edit widget normally. So apparently if a user doesn't have permission to edit, the widget just goes blank (it would be nice if it instead showed a "You don't have permission to edit this data" message).  Hope that helps someone!

- Holly