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01-30-2022 07:13 PM
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Hi ExB community,

I'm really liking the edit widget and improvements since the last update. I'd really like for the snapping capability for polygons within a layer to be reliable and right on.

I've just introduced an ExB I made, and the end users keep asking for snapping to be turned on. 

Snapping to other layers works really well. I think that's feature to feature, but snapping to a recently drawn polygon within the same layer, isn't working. Am I missing something, is this a known issue, will it be released soon or is there a work around? I'll tell the end user they need to zoom in as close as possible, but it isn't likely all of them will do this.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Here's a video explaining my issue.


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Have you tested this with a "new" polygon feature layer?

I am not able to reproduce your issue.  Just created a new polygon layer and pushed to AGOL.  Can edit just fine, and once I add a new polygon, it snaps to it as one would expect.

Both my basemap and data are in State Plane SR.


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Hi @RhettZufelt , I've been able to get it to work again, but I notice sometimes it doesn't work either. I'm not exactly sure what it is. I did go through and republish via ArcPro. Previously I had made the layers via AGOL.

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