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Edit Widget default values (Developer Edition 1.11)

03-29-2023 10:00 PM
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I'm wondering if someone can help me solve the puzzle of getting the default values for fields to populate in the edit widget when creating a new feature.

I have 4 fields setup in a feature service (AGS 10.9.1, data in enterprise geodatabase) with a domain and default value:


and I have added that layer to a webmap, then to ExB Dev Edition 1.11 Edit widget.

When I create a new point, it only applies the default value for one of the 4 fields:


I can't see a reason why that one is set and the others aren't.

Any ideas?


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Esri Contributor

How do you publish the services? There is a problem with ArcGIS Pro previous than 3.0. You can update your Pro to the latest and try it again.

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A colleague has upgraded pro to 3.1 and tested this and it appears to have fixed the issue. Thanks.

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