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EB Map Action - Filter related table based on Trigger/Action Data why doesn't this exist?

11-06-2022 01:14 PM
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I am working on an EB that has point layer with related tables. I would like to filter the map data and also have the table/feature info (with the related tables) filter. Is this possible? I've searched the Community and also around on the internet and can't find an answer. Every video and example keep referring to record selections and then related data is filtered/selected.

Currently in the EB, I have added a filter which zooms and filters the point data based on the filter statement. The action in the filter has a trigger added to filter data and map Zoom To. This works fine.

In the map, action tab there is a trigger added to Extent Changes -> framework data is filtered (point data).  This works fine. Why is there not an option to add a trigger to Extent Changes  to specify trigger and action data. This is an option in the Record Selection Changes trigger? This works fine to filter related table records when a point is selected in the map but it adds another step and not an obvious workflow to the user. (see screenshots)

What is the best way to filter map data and the related tables reflect the dataframe filters?

I read this blog article for Sept. 2022 by @ThomasCoughlin , but using the Search widget seems like a big step back in functionality needing to specify names, dates versus choosing from unique values. I still think the ease of selectors and filtering in dashboards is so much better.

For this EB we are trying to use it as a way to edit survey data and related tables (very common in data collection) seems very remedial in EB.

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