EB 1.9 doesn't allow selection of your original basemap

08-01-2022 12:44 PM
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I just ported my web app to Experience Builder 1.9 (from 1.7).  The basemap I use in my AGOL web map is "World Imagery (WGS84)," which is not part of the list of basemaps presented in EB.  In EB 1.9, if I select another basemap, it will not allow me to revert back to my original basemap as its not on the list and don't see a way to add it.

This behavior is different from EB 1.7 where, because I used a custom basemap, all basemaps in the list could not be selected.

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Can you try in EB 1.8 and check if it works. Are you looking specifically in 1.9 version?

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