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Dynamically setting the Near Me (beta) search location using the Add Data widget

08-22-2023 08:10 AM
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Has anyone had success in getting the 'Add Data' widget to trigger the 'Near Me (beta)' widget? 

I've had a workflow work really nicely with the Search widget i.e., user searches coordinates and the first result triggers the 'Near Me' widget. I just can't seem to get the same result with user added data, despite the framework appearing to be in place to allow it.

On an Experience that has both widgets, the 'Add Data' widget lists the following available Data Actions:


The 'Set Location' action is specifically picking up the 'Near Me (beta)' widget. I haven't set this - it's automatic - suggesting there should be some sort of tie-up between the widgets:


However, when I try this workflow on the App itself, that action isn't listed:


The action doesn't appear for data added from the Portal; data added as a URL; or for uploaded files. (The example above is a single point GeoJSON that is correctly appearing on the map.)

The initial thought was that this may be due to the beta status of the 'Near Me' widget. However the the omission seems to be in the published 'Add Data' widget instead.

Has anyone had any more luck with this than me, or any thoughts?






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Hi @TimF ,

We haven't added support for this in Near Me yet but looking it to adding this in next ArcGIS online update.

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Thanks for the update 🙂

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