'Dynamic' URL to zoom/locate features

02-28-2022 01:47 PM
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Hi there,

I'm still not sure if this is possible with Experience Builder...

I would like to have a link from a database item to an experience builder app using a 'dynamic' URL. 
Clicking the URL in the database item should open a new window, load the experience builder app and zoom to the related feature.

I know this is possible in the WebApp Builder by using "?find=

http://<your portal url>/apps/webappviewer/index.html?find=380 new york street, redlands, ca

In the experience builder apps, this does not work anymore...
I think you can use "?data_id=". However, the ID is not really user-friendly.

Eg: https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/5947e2d55c1846e1b4952851aa97efe8/page/page_5/?data_id=dataS...

?data_id=dataSource_1-Fun_5299%3 is referring to a layer, while A13 is the actual item...

I find this quite frustrating. There should be a much easier way. Is there one??



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I would love to see a solution for this!

Can someone explain the URL parameters?

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I know we have waiting for this feature for quite some time.  In fact, we have not fully moved to the new map and experience builder because of this missing function.  I spoken with an individual from ESRI and they told me "friendly" URLs should coming to Experience builder in early 2024 (I am hoping sometime in Q1 of 2024).  I also assume their statement meant, the functionality will come to ArcGIS Online in 2024 but, I am not sure when it will be available in Enterprise.



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