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Dynamic Raster subtraction based on DEMs filter applied in App

04-01-2023 08:31 PM
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I am looking for a process on how I may deploy an experience builder web app/map that allows a user to filter 2 mosaic datasets to a time stamp of their choosing and the resultant view they see is a minus of the 2 surfaces.


Where i am up to is.

1)I have a dynamic raster service that is connected to a mosaic dataset that contains a few 1000 elevation captures

2) Said service is loaded into a web map twice as "Latest Surface" and "Historical Surface"

3) Filter widget is set to allow user to filter both "Latest Surface" and "Historic surface" to a capture of their choosing

4)?????   What do I need to do to get a subtraction to work dynamically as the user changes the filter?

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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

Try to use the Raster Function Editor in ArcGIS Pro to create a raster function that performs the subtraction between the "Latest Surface" and "Historical Surface" rasters based on the user's filter selection. Once the raster function is created, you can publish it as a new dynamic raster service that can be used in Experience Builder. In Experience Builder, you can add the new dynamic raster service to the web map and configure it to display the resulting view of the subtraction. You can also add a time slider widget to allow the user to interactively change the filter and update the subtraction view accordingly.


Raster Function Editor—Portal for ArcGIS | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise


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