Dynamic Link Based on Bookmark

04-12-2023 06:10 AM
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I'm trying to dynamically change the URL of a single button based on which bookmark was last selected. The URL should link to another page within the app. How can I go about doing this or achieving a similar result?

I currently have a web map with the locations of individual disc golf holes (baskets, pads, and routes) and a csv file with course name, url, and description fields. 



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Hi @frankej ,

Here are the steps I suggest:

1. Upload the CSV file as a feature layer to the content (the feature layer needs the location of each point and you can use the bookmark location)

2. Add a list widget using the layer created in Step 1

3. Add Record Selection Changes - Map - Zoom To action to the List widget

4. Choose the button widget and connect the data to the layer created in Step 1

5. Click Set Link and select URL from the Link to drop down list

6. Choose Attribute, and then choose the URL field (by default the selected features views is selected)


Hope it helps,


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