Displaying popup only in Feature Info widget without disabling pop-up in Map widget

11-08-2021 03:33 PM
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I have two layers that have features that are geometrically and spatially the same, but the first layer gives information on the species (e.g., scientific name, species description, etc.) while the other layer gives information on the sites where these species are (e.g., road name or site number). 

What I would like to achieve in Experience builder: 

- being able to view the pop ups for the sites layer when I click on a feature on the map

- not having pop ups on the map for the species layer 

- having information about the species showing in the feature info widget when I click on a feature on the map

At the moment I can only see the species information in the feature info widget if I the popups are enabled in my web map. 

I do not want to disable popups in the map widget as I need to be able to view the popups for the sites layer.



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Hello Margo,

First... I want to say I love your name!  It was my Mother's name (she passed away) and its super unique name that you don't hear that often. 🙂

OK... so for your problem, my first question is if the two layers are the same geometrically but they just contain different attributes, would there be a possibility to make them one feature layer?  The reason I ask is because you could have more control over which data shows in the pop-ups.  Having more than one layer seems to be causing the issue by having to decide on which pop-up to configure.

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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Hi Amanda, 

Thank you 🙂 and thank you so much for your reply. I am so so sorry to hear about your mum. 

I could make the two layers to be one feature layer instead. I understand, however, that I can only configure one popup per feature layer, so that is why I created two layers instead. Is there a way to configure the popup in the map to only show attributes related to the sites, while the feature info widget only shows info about the species? 


Thank you so much!



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