Disappointed with experience builder query widget

02-09-2023 03:22 PM
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Kia ora, I am wondering why the experience query widget is not the full package compared to the query widget in webappbuilder. 

We want to update our web app. Trying to achieve exact same queries from webmapbuilder. Disappointed to find experience builder once again lacking same abilities even though said to be new superior product.... 

My problems so far with experience builder query. Looking for help to solve:

- Queries don't add new layer to map /layer list anymore.

- No drop-down list of previous queries to look through in query results pane.

- Lost the option of "Only return features that have a spatial relationship with features in another layer". Used to be able to use a prior query or layer as a selection input. 

- When clearing queries, bugging out and not deleting all from map. 

- Cannot name queries, therefore appear as override 1 in legend when printing a map

- queries not interactive on map, no pop-up. 


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Very disappointing, but sadly typical from these slipshod dullards. Has there ever been another $1bn company that's takes such a half-arsed approach to everything? Oh, they have a virtual monopoly...

It's a good thing they don't design and build aircraft: 'oh yeah, this is the one you need to use now, the wings will be finished after takeoff.'

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I've been beating myself up for not knowing how to add the query data to the layers list. It seems like a layer is created somewhere since when you "Show on Map", a layer appears (that you can't remove). It's created and lives somewhere but just doesn't show up in the layers list. That's what I get for going all in on Experience Builder since their JS3 deprecation announcement.

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This is something I stumbled across recently - I found results from queries are pushed to an "outputs" window in the Select data window. It doesn't live at the Data level (i.e. the Data Pane on the left hand side) but I have found it when trying to add data and I've been able to add the results of queries to widgets by going to select data --> outputs --> query then once the query runs it populates any widgets hooked up to the output. Hope this helps. 

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Hi there - I've been struggling with the query widget too.

I have found that you can name queries and use their outputs within widgets that allow you to add data layers within them. To name a query I found that you can click on the title on the right hand properties pane and type. This then shows up in the outputs pane too when you come to select data. Perhaps this could help the legend issues?


I've attached some screenshots below

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