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Directions Widget does not Recognize Restrictions on Route

06-20-2023 07:34 AM
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Hey Everyone,

I have an interesting issue with configuring the travel modes for the experience builder directions widget. We are running and enterprise system with version 11.1. The current Network dataset we have deployed was published using the publish routing services utility tool. The network dataset has a couple different restrictions within it and currently all of them work except one. That restriction in question currently works in Web App builder.

I have gone into our organizations settings, under utility services, under directions and routing and have configured the travel mode to be default and include all the restrictions in the network dataset. 

Travel modes.PNG

 The specific restriction is Avoid Gates, which are an additional junction added to the network dataset. These junctions and restrictions currently work in Webapp builder, and within ArcGIS Pro. 

Is this a problem isolate to Experience builder or is a problem with the portal.

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