Difference Experience builder and new Story Maps

06-13-2020 02:36 AM
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Hi, new to ArcGIS and I understand the new Experience builder is an 'upgrade' for the 'WebAppBuilder'... But what exactly are the intended differences between Experience builder and Story Maps?  

The output looks like it is pretty similar, but just with a different interface... what am I missing?

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ArcGIS Experience Builder overview and concepts provides a good summary.  I don't think it is a replacement for storymaps if that is your impression

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Thanks Dan, I think I've got it.  

An 'Experience' can just be a simple web page/app with an explorable / shareable map as required.  Where as a Story Map includes a 'story' with associated images and text.  

I think the confusing thing is that 'Experience' comes with a 'scrollable' page template like in this example: ArcGIS San Diego Example and then it seems there is a significant overlap with the 'Story Map' functionality. 

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I, too, would like to see a very concise comparison between story maps, experience-builder, and hub sites.  My initial impression is that there is significant overlapping functionality (convergence?).  What is on the roadmap for future of these three products?