Dashboards embedded in Experience Builder App not working in Chrome

03-26-2021 08:35 AM
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I created an Experience Builder app that contains several embedded dashboards (beta version). It works great in Edge & FireFox, but the dashboards do not display in Chrome if the user is not logged into AGOL in another tab. The dashboards, maps, HFLs and Experience Builder app are not public and shared with a single group. In FireFox & Edge, users are prompted to log in. In Chrome, the Experience Builder header displays and the dashboards do not:


It's throwing an X-Frame-Options/ same origin error.

I saw this post which seems similar, but has no resolution. So I made my own post.

Clearing the browser cache solves the issue in some versions of Chrome, but that's not a solution I want to pass onto users.

Anybody have any idea who to fix?




Greg McNamee
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I experienced this during the week, and other occasions in the past. 

My fix, clear out your cache and history from Chrome/Settings - this has worked each time for me. Also be aware of this if using Edge too.

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