Custom widget not working properly in existing experience in developer Experience Builder

09-09-2022 10:16 AM
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I started working with the developer Experience Builder (EB) to utilize a 3rd party custom widget. The widget is from what3words. I followed the what3words tutorial and got npm running on my server. The widget works as expected, displaying the three words, when I create a new experience. But it doesn't display the three words when I import an existing experience which I had already created in ArcGIS Online. Do you know how I can get the three words to display when the widget is in an existing experience?

Here is the widget working as expected in a new experience, which has more limited utility.


Here is the widget in an existing experience - the three words do not display.


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I crossed posted this issue on what3word's github, but just in case anyone works with this widget and found a solution....

I think something needs to be constructed on the mapClick method in React to handle feature layers in a map. Again, this widget works properly in a map that is just a base map, but has not provided the three words when the widget is added to a map that has feature layers. The change probably needs to happen around line 111 in the .tsx file from w3w, if anyone has ideas.

const graphic = await getMarkerGraphic(mapClick.mapPoint)


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Thanks for sharing your problem. It is more like a problem with the third-party widget what3words.
It is better you contact them for help. 



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