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Copy and Paste List widget in same experience

05-15-2023 07:25 AM
New Contributor III

Hello All,

I'm copying and pasting list widgets on to different views in the same xperience.  However, each one needs a different filter.  When I set the filter on one of the lists, it keeps applying that filter to all the others.  Can anyone explain why this is happening and how I can get the correct filter on each list widget?


Thank you

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Esri Regular Contributor

@GarySchells When you try duplicating the widget, these duplicates share the same connected data source. Filters configured will apply to this same data source, thus affecting all of your widgets.

The solution is that you can create different data views from the original data source, then after duplicating, you assign different data views to different list widgets. You can refer to the details of data view in here: 

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