Choising between JavaScript API , WebApp Builder, Experience Builder

07-05-2021 12:57 AM
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We have a requirement to build a web map solution using ESRI platform. This will be a bespoke viewer that needs to be dynamically configurable at load time (i.e. provide a config file) and allows instructions to be passed via some URL parameters. As far I see, I have three option with the ESRI products:
  1. ESRI JavaScript API or at least using an existing viewer
  2. ESRI Web App Builder
  3. ESRI Experience builder
I am aware that both Web App builder and Experience Builder are built on the ESRI JavaScript API, and they are ultimately a mean to speed-up app implementation with a no-code approach; but I am always cautious to the "no-code" approach as it always come to bite you at some points.
  1. Any recommendations on whether to use the Web App Builder vs the underlying ESRI Javascript API?
  2. With ESRI Experience Builder, can an app be modified at run time with URL parameters; including loading a different config. This is currently possible with Web App Builder - "https://yourappname?config=sample-configs/myConfig.json"
  3. WebApp Builder does not seems to support ESRI Javascipt API 4.x. Have any of you encountered any limitation?
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