Cannot text link to a view inside a screen group

12-16-2022 03:03 AM
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I'm developing an app in Experience builder and have a number of scrolling pages with text in the scrolling panel and some pages with sections in the main stage. I would like users to be able to select highlighted text which will then jump the section to a particular view.  I thought I could achieve this using the link option in the text widget, however, I'm finding that my views are not showing in the select link panel (see below).



Upon further investigation I've discovered the issue seems to be where the section is placed. If the section is in a screen group on a scrolling page the views will not show in the set link panel. However, if the section is placed in a block on a scrolling page or on another static screen page then the views become available in the set link text. N.B. This works whether the text is in the screen group or not and I've tested it in my existing app and a new test app.

Is this a bug or is this currently by design? If anyone could shed some light on this it would be much appreciated.

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Hi @AnthonyJonesRSK ! 

I have been having the same issue while developing a landing website for one municipality with multiple pages using screen groups. We tried to implement the button-navigation to different topics within the screen groups and one of the ESRI employees then told me that it's not possible to add a link between a button and a content inside the screen group. 

So basically it only allows to add links to the blocks. So if you put a block just before each screen group (and set it to 0 pixels width, it will have a small gap on the page), you will be able to link to that block and show the screen group in question... 

So with views it is the same, if the view is in a block or in a section outside the screen group, no problem! if it is inside any screen group, you have a problem of linking to it... 

Hopefully ESRI will soon implement it, however, they said that it's not easy to do. 

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Hi Aurelija,

Thank you for response. I'm sorry you're seeing the issue too but it's reassuring to know it's not just happening to me!

Unfortunately I do need the ability to navigate to the view in the screen group but it sounds like from your interactions with ESRI that this simply isn't possible at the moment which is a shame. It's also a shame you can't link to a screen in a screen group either. Hopefully these are things that are added over time.



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