Can I use ArcGIS Experience Builder if I buy ArcGIS for personal use license?

02-06-2022 06:53 AM
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We are from the Philippines and we are currently sharing a map online through experience builder (using a trial version) where relief operations have been conducted in our province (Bohol, Philippines). Our license will end on February 8, 2022. After inquiring ESRI about the price if we want to have at least creator type license, it is about 60k Philippine Pesos or 1.2k USD. Unfortunately, we can't afford that much. We navigated on the different licenses we can buy, we found the ArcGIS for personal use for 100 USD and it is within our budget. Can we still share and update our map made with experience builder to the public? Currently, this map is helping our province in their relief efforts.


This is the link to our map:


If the ArcGIS for personal use is not capable of retaining our online map, can you suggest another solution ti our problem?

Thank you very much.

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Of course you can. Activate your ArcGIS Online Account (Personal Use) after the trial period has expired (the account will be a public account then), since you can activate public accounts only. The existing content will remain intact.

Just ensure, it's for a non-commercial purpose.

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