Can a button link to a nested section view?

01-24-2023 08:53 AM
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I have a section (1) with multiple views, which are controlled by a series of buttons. Now inside of one of those views, I want to have another section (2) and I want a second set of buttons to control the views in section (2). I expected that the button link would give me the option to choose which section I want to use, like it does in this example where the second section is not nested in a view:


However, when section 2 is nested inside of section 1, you cannot select it when you set up the link for the button. It does not matter where I place the button. It is not available.


The views navigation selector does work instead of a button, but that does not give me the customization that I need for this site. 

I am using Developer version 1.10.

Any ideas? Thanks.


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Only when you selected the parent view can the nested ones show up -






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