Calculated expression not populating when using Experience Builder Editing Widget, but will populate in Field Maps

09-21-2022 11:28 AM
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Using calculated expressions in a form, I was able to auto increment a number field in Field Maps using this arcade expression: 

if (IsEmpty($feature.ID)) {
   var numberlist = FeatureSetByName($map,"ID Sequence")
   var topnum = Top(OrderBy(numberlist,'ID DESC'),1)
   var counter = Number(Max(topnum,'ID'))
   var id = counter+1
   return id
else {
   return $feature.ID

I also wanted this calculated expression to work while using the editor widget in an Experience Builder app.  Other expressions such as this populate correctly in Experience Builder:

var IssuedBy = $feature.issuedby
var Email = When(IssuedBy == 'Admin 1', '', 
IssuedBy == 'Admin 2', '', '')

return Email

Is there something wrong with the auto increment expression that isn't allowing it to populate the field, or is this an issue with Experience Builder?



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Hi @nkremer,

I have the same problem. I think the problem comes from "Calculated expressions that use Feature Sets are not supported in Map Viewer.". This is annoying as this feature is very important. Hopefully, this feature will be added in the new update for Map Viewer.

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Is it possible to share your data or make a sample data so we can look into this issue? Thanks!

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