Bug in map-fixed-layout.tsx

09-22-2022 06:27 PM
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There appears to be a bug in map-fixed-layout.tsx, part of the map widget. Line 72 doesn't include a check to confirm whether the ui property is null or not. When programmatically changing away from and then back to a datasource the widget will crash.

Updating the line to read 

this.props.jimuMapView && this.props.jimuMapView.view && this.props.jimuMapView.view.ui && this.insertFixedDom(this.props.jimuMapView.view.ui.container, this.fixedLayoutRef)

will fix the issue.

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Hi @JoshGore - thanks for pointing this out. We have recorded this based on your description and we will take a look at it soon.

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@JoshGore This issue has been fixed recently with the AGOL 2023 February release, as well as the following dev edition.