Behavior with action zoom to in sections and pages (Experience in ArcGIS Online)

02-11-2021 11:31 AM
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I'm trying to build an app with pages, section widget and view navigation in each page in Experience Builder in ArcGIS Online.

Page 1: Section Widget with 4 WebMaps and view navigation
Page 2: Section Widget with 4 WebMaps and view navigation
Page 3: Section Widget with 4 WebMaps and view navigation

Actions: Extension - Zoom To when extension changes - For all 16 WebMaps.

Use Case: We use the search button to zoom to a region in WebMap 1 from Page 1. After that, we use the view navigation to see the rest webmaps in that page / section, and after that, we change for page 2 and 3 and use the navigation in view navigation.

But in the second or third change in view navigation, the behavior is unstable. Sometimes it zoom to the previous extension, other times zoom to the default extension of that Web Map, forcing another search for the AOI in the map.



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@JoseMartinsEsriPT  this is a bug and will be fixed in our next release at the end of this month. 





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Thank you David Martinez.

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@JoseMartinsEsriPT This should work as expected now and looks good on my testing. Would you please help check? Thanks.

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