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07-21-2020 06:48 AM
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Dear all,

I am completely new to EB (I have also only recently started working with AGOL and WAB).

Basic problem: I have many layers and want to group them. This works now with Map Viewer beta (unfortunately no nested grouping, but better than nothing), but with WAB this is not reflected. I have learned that I would have to work with EB to avoid flattening the groups.

I really just want a simple map with layerlist and legend and popup, nothing complicated.

I have chosen the Foldable Template and now I have several difficulties where I would be grateful for help.

1. Map Layers - options

I added a map layer list to the left of the map and activated all content options (zoom to, adjust layer transparency, view layer details, toggle visibility:

Result: "View layer details" not available for all layer, "zoom to" is not working - 

2. Map Layers - preview

in opposite to the live view, the map layer list is cropped in the preview, so that the actions are not accessible


3. Map Layers / Bookmarks:

I added a bookmark widget in the widget controller above the map and allowed to create bookmarks:

Suddenly appears a bookmark layer in the layer list - what's the relation to my settings?

4. And a little bit out of topic: is there a possibility to configure the Tools provided within the Map Widget content?
I only can toggle on and off?

- Could I change the Navigation tool into a tool that provides "Go back to previous view resp. map extent"?

- The Select tool only works for one layer - ?

This is probably all quite simple, but I have not yet found the solution myself so far, unfortunately.

I am a little bit confused.

Many thanks in advance and best regards


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