Asset Management Experience

07-14-2020 11:39 AM
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I'm looking for ideas / examples of experience builder used to create asset management applications.

I created an idea for a template for this here: Attribute-centric Experience Builder Template 

I've had multiple project requests of this nature, and I am the GIS Coordinator for a medium size county in Pennsylvania.  Our county is switching engineers, and the new vendor does not have the asset inventory SaaS that our Property Management team has come to rely on.  They have come to us asking if we can provide a similar or better experience to the SaaS they are familiar with.

I'd like to build something that is attribute-centric, but with inclusion of a map, inspection survey, and access to previous surveys for each item.  I think experience builder has the building blocks to accomplish this.

I envision a multi-page application with some of the following:

1. Dashboard for high overview of assets, and also indications of items that need inspected based on inspection date cycles

3. A table for selecting, reviewing feature information that highlights the feature on a map, showcases current/ past inspections, and allows for the submittal of new inspections.

4. Another table for displaying related table records

5. The ability to edit data!

Pie-in-the-sky, I'd love the same page to have the ability to cycle through two different layers (Bridges & signs), as I'd want the same setup for both.  For example, a drop down menu allows me to pick my layer, which populates my table with features.

Anyone have anything remotely close to this, or have different widgets or aspects that I might piece together to create this experience?  


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