ArcGIS Experience Builder Constantly Unresponsive

04-18-2023 07:38 AM
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I'm trying to build a dashboard on ArcGIS Experience Builder but it's virtually unusable right now. Every little change I made results in the whole page freezing and becoming unresponsive. I constantly have to refresh, which means I'm constantly losing my work since I cannot save before refreshing. I read that it could be a widget or picture issue, so I removed both despite needing them, but the issue is still occurring. What is the solution?

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Hi @BobtheArcGISBuilder1 ,

We are sorry to hear about that.
Would you be able to share details of the problem? Like what widget you were editing when freeze happen? Any error you see on the console? The data size you are using. 

And after all, we would appreciate if you can share a video of the issue and in addition, sharing your app with us would help us a lot for investigating the problem. (You may contact me directly if you don'y like to share publicly)


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