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Unable to Develop Custom Mobile Views for Landscape Orientation

06-13-2023 01:03 PM
Status: Open
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Our team is considering use of ArcGIS Experience Builder (ExB) to develop a new, interactive product for desktop and mobile device users across a large customer base. However, there is a significant limitation with ExB that affects mobile users, making us reconsider whether ExB is the best technology to build the application. After developing a prototype, we discovered it is not possible for users to access custom views developed for mobile device using ExB when their phone is rotated 90 degrees to Landscape view (mobile views only display in Portrait view). Instead, the display defaults to the view developed for a desktop device when rotated to Landscape view, distorting how the application displays when accessing it from a mobile device. This is a known problem with ExB software as documented on multiple ESRI community posts since 2020 (Experience Builder Mobile does not work in landsca... - Esri Community, Rotating Mobile Devices to Landscape Mode - Esri Community, ArcGIS Experience Builder- Appears to be a bug- mo... - Esri Community).

Will ESRI be implementing a capability for developers to create ExB apps with custom mobile views suitable for Landscape mode viewing on a mobile device? If this is not possible, can ESRI integrate a feature where mobile device users are prompted with a message to rotate their devices to portrait view when using apps developed with ExB on their phones (similar to the message displayed on the “Wordle” app when users rotate their screen to landscape view)?


Autorotation will provide useful ExB functionality to enhance our user experience and improve customer satisfaction.


Ran into this today. Is there really NO option to Edit an Experience Builder application in a landscape Mobile device screen?? The sales team insists on landscape orientation on their Samsung tablets. So i move stuff around and test it in Chrome Dev Tools. Move - Test, Move - Test ... it's insanity.

Esri, no help here?


I am also running into this issue today.