Text Widget - Bring Back Ellipsis As An Option

03-03-2021 04:02 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

I do like the Jumping Arrows for some cases where the text takes up more space than the size of the widget as seen in this blog post:



But the ellipsis worked better for me when the Text Widget was in the List Widget:


When I migrated to DevEd v1.3 I didn't get the ellipsis anymore - and the jumping arrows didn't show up either.  I tried some stuff with the Text Widget in a separate ExB project, but the jumping arrows didn't show up unless the height of the Text Widget was great enough (more than enough for a couple of lines of text at least).

Perhaps this issue with the jumping arrows could be fixed, but for my use case, I think the text is much more readable with the ellipsis and pop-up.