Support Internal Bookmarks or Anchors on Experience Builder Pages

04-01-2021 10:52 AM
Status: Open
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I would like to see support added for internal bookmarks/anchors so that I can create and share a URL which will take a user directly to a specific section of an Experience Builder page. Currently you can only link to the top of a page in Experience Builder.

For example, maybe you are creating a FAQ page, and want to list all the questions at the top, and link them to their expanded answers below. Or, you want to send a user a link that will take them directly to a specific question and answer within the FAQ page.

You might also be placing documentation in an experience building page, and you want to send a user a link directly to a section of interest within the overall documentation page.

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by Anonymous User

Hi @PeterKnoop URL parameters are not supported at this time, but at the June update you can now link to an anchor on a scrolling page: If you have any feedback on this feature, please let us know!





@Anonymous User the anchor on a scrolling page has been working well for internal linking, however, it would be great if the URL for those anchors worked when you were coming from somewhere else. For example, sticking a URL in an email or slack message that when clicked would open the Experience page to the referenced block, rather than taking them just to the top of the page containing that block.