Support embedding Crowdsource Manager in Experience Builder

07-04-2020 08:46 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

The crowdsource manager template is central to several of the Esri solutions, and is one of my favorites for building solutions that require reviewing a list of records. By embedding the template within Experience Builder, it can be incorporated within a wider process, which is really awesome (see attached image). However, it seems like Experience Builder does not allow browser pop-ups, which prevents the use of three of Crowdsource Manager's greatest features: (1) The refresh button (why don't all apps have that??) (2) export to csv and most importantly (3) the batch updating capability of multiple records at once. These three invoke, by default, a browser pop up that needs to be approved, and I'm guessing that's what prevents them from functioning once embedded within an Experience Builder.

This is even more frustrating with the newest enhancement of crowdsource manager: the ability to Shift select records or select all -(thank you for those!!!), and batch update/export to csv. 

(Of course I'm sure the pop-up prevention will affect many other apps, and I've seen the same behaviour when trying to embed the survey123 website for report creation.)